Hunting for a shooting star with a dubious wish. Praying for a drowning moon to feed off your dreams. But you never believed in love.Never believed in love.But you never believed in love. Searching for the missing link to clear off some doubts.Just had to figure out the truth and finally rest. But youContinue Reading

You seem to have taken control of the world around me. Deep in, so fallacious and flawed, you have taken hold of me. You never liked feeling alone, never felt satisfied. And next to you I feel alone, so I must leave you behind. I thought my words had been so true, it seemsContinue Reading

I am feeling sensitive tonight. Will you come along and help me make big plans? They are all here to see us both tonight. Let’s turn over all that’s holding us back.  Push me back then, spare my feelings. Put me away. Break my heart then, don’t deceive me. BreakContinue Reading

(The past foreshadows the present, and the present cannot be undone.) Boredom is loneliness and emptiness. Your shadow is glowing as you think aloud, and dive below the sea of pain, the vacuum will haunt you.  When joy is lost with no control, just swallowed whole. Belief will revive youContinue Reading

I swear that I would, if I could, be truthful enough, to say what I mean and tell myself that you still remember. The time that we spent, all those years, fading now and forever.  A feeling of loss, lost to dust, and a pledge to stay silent.  Those times youContinue Reading