Tortured by Midi – Take Me Down Lyrics

Opening track from Tortured by Midi’s 2015 self titled first album.

Take me down with you, take me down. 

As you traveled around the whole globe, this whole attitude was for you.

You would flutter around in a pond – I felt you so far away. 

Just imagine how ugly things were as you played the stranger around me.

You would probable never forget, how it was supposed to be. 

Take me down with you, take me down. 

Take a picture, you don’t have to stare. 

I will always remain a monster. 

Blow your candles, it’s time to forget those times you were left alone. 

Sick and tired of zombified drones.

Sore and wasted now you have to prove. 

How pathetic – the weather gets worse.

Tonight you won’t feel so bored. 

Take me down with you, take me down. 

© 2015 Tortured by Midi – all rights reserved. Words and lyrics by Esteban Muirragui. 

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