Tortured by Midi – Incredulous Lyrics

From Tortured by Midi’s 2016 sophomore album – Devoid.

I swear that I would, if I could, be truthful enough,

to say what I mean and tell myself that you still remember.

The time that we spent, all those years, fading now and forever. 

A feeling of loss, lost to dust, and a pledge to stay silent. 

Those times you would pray for my guilt to make me surrender.

A heart in decay, innocent, in a sense just too pretty.

A sudden collapse came to pass, coincidence happened.

A hunger was fed, and you’re the prey just for this moment. 

Could you believe me? I thought I’d let you know. 

So you’re an angel? I’ll chase you like a ghost. 

Just please release me – been here for far too long. 

Will you forgive me? Sometimes I can’t let go. 

© 2016 Tortured by Midi – All rights reserved. Words and lyrics by Esteban Muirragui. 

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