Tortured by Midi – Come Back Lyrics

From Tortured by Midi’s 2015 self titled first album.

Tonight as you wander the streets, remember I will be watching you.

In the western-most side of this town we met, I took a hold of you. 

Hold on to our memories and forget what goes into you.

Be kind to every one of them, and then I’ll find my way back to you.

Go on and play now – then come back, come back. 

In love with all the city lights – they serve as reminders of

the bond that make you do what I say – this time, a time for innocence. 

Just say what I want you to and be sure to be my good girl. 

Destroy whatever’s left of you and give in – that’s what I want you for. 

Go on and play now – then come back, come back. 

Girl I say that it’s time to go on and play now, but don’t forget, and now come back, come back. 

© 2011 Tortured by Midi – All rights reserved. Words and lyrics by Esteban Muirragui. Music and concept by Daniel Zambrano. 

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