Tortured by Midi – A Thing Which Never Sleeps Lyrics

From Tortured by Midi’s 2015 self titled first album.

The winter’s only arriving and life is starting to fade.

It feels like never returning – a time to end all the pain.

So cold the fire is dying, so glad to be all alone. 

I think I’m slowing decaying, the night will feel my disdain. 

The air just thickens the context, sometimes I run out of breath.

Look for a deeper horizon, the moon will light your way.

A fashion only for undead, a break from all the distress.

The sadness thickens the context, the snowman one call away. 

But take a deep look to your heart and bless it all away.

Just can’t repeat the things she said – they’re stones to build my soul. 

So break the spell that holds you down and join me for a dance.

I’ll be exactly what you need – a thing which never sleeps. 

© 2015 Tortured by Midi – All rights reserved. Words and lyrics by Esteban Muirragui.

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